28 septiembre 2010

Latino Heritage Month Challenge

I am so late (LATEina) to this one, & as a result I am not going to end up doing every single day challenge. Instead I am going to look through the list and address the ones that most interest me in part because I cannot write a blog entry about my love of Pitbull & Shakira, but also because as a graduate student & Spanish instructor I don't have the time to catch up and update the blog daily.

This sounds like a lot of excuses, right? Yeah, they are excuses, but that's the way I roll!

The 30 Day Latino Blog Challenge. 30 days, 30 blogs, 1 message to celebrate Latino Heritage Month. I challenge myself and any Latino blogger to write everyday for the next 30 days. The rules are simple. The blog must be at least 2 paragraphs on the selected topic, although there are 2 entries for poetry. The blog can be written in anyway chosen.
Here are the topics I hope to address:

Day 1 – What I love most about being Latino
Day 2 – What Latin American Country/Island I would love to go to.

Day 4 - What Latino Blog I recommend
Day 5 - A story about growing up Latino
Day 6 - A Poem (original or quoted)
Day 7 - Post a picture about your culture and explain its significance

Day 8 - Latino Racism

Day 12 – Do I speak Spanish?
Day 13 – Afro Latinos you see everyday

Day 17 – Why I love Latinas (or Latino Men)
Day 18 – Latino Art

Day 20 – Latino Stereotypes I wish I could change

Day 21 - What Latin American Country/Island I have been to.
Day 22 – Do you consider yourself more Latino than American?

Day 24 – Should Puerto Rico be a State?
Day 25 - Post a picture about your familia and explain its significance

Day 27 – Favorite Latino Author
Day 28 – Family Ancestry
Day 29 – Latino Politics – What affects you?
Day 30 – What I learned in the last 30 days...

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