04 julio 2010

independence weekend

We decided to save the grilling for tomorrow rather than on the 4th today. While we are grilling hot dogs (well, veggie dogs in my case), which is pretty common across the States, I thought I'd tie in a little bit of my family's background into the cooking. It will be a nice way to mix it up & to celebrate the idea of las Américas because we do not need to alienate ourselves from one another or fight amongst ourselves. Is there anything more communal than mealtime? When I lived in the Mid-West I remember getting together & having dinners with my friends who came from all over the world. It was just amazing to be with so many people who had so many different histories & we all loved each other deeply. I still love them so much no matter where they are now or where I am or where we will go.

This got a little too inspirational-speak for an entry that was initially meant to just list what we are eating tomorrow!

Hot dogs
Peppered potato wedges
Plátano frito y arroz
Maíz asado con mantequilla (chipotle y con lima)
Grilled asparagus in a Torrontés wine sauce

I'm excited to eat!

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