03 julio 2010

ok, the Cup is my weakness

Viva Mexico
¡Viva México cabrones!

I took this when Mexico was moments away from playing against France & hoped desperately that they would win. I can't say that I was a lucky fan because it had little to do with luck and everything to do with the fact that Mexico just plain outplayed France. Then again, who didn't outplay France this Cup? It was a wasted time in the tournament and a spot that should have gone to Ireland. Ireland isn't my team & it's long since passed so I should by no right have reason to be bitter, but I really really dislike Henry for the same reason I dislike Ronaldo. They dirty up the game with constant diving & Henry is constantly offsides and yet rarely gets called for it. Maybe I wouldn't be so crabby if he were constantly called on his BS, so my anger is also in part with the poor officiating. The truth is for hearing about Henry's playing so much, I just can't understand why he gets the publicity he does because I see less playing and more diving - the same with Ronaldo. They could be amazing players but I just haven't seen it & suspect that it's more a rumoured greatness than actual skill.

I feel the same way about John Mayer's guitar playing. I once said that on Twitter and greatly upset a fan who said I obviously didn't have taste & didn't know what good music was. Nice attempt at an argument.

Anyway, back to futbol because that's clearly what matters to me this summer. On the subject of handballs & bad playing, I wanted to write an entry in defense of Uruguay. Maybe this seems hypocritical because of my comments about Henry, but hear me out. My problem with Henry is that these acts are constant and he is not penalized for them. Suarez made a decision and it was a decision of which I don't approve meaning I think that he was rightfully penalized. That was obvious, I don't think anyone could argue against that.

However, what's got me is the fact that people are having conversations about this handball. Does it really merit a conversation? A debate? Where is the debate? I've heard Uruguay been called cheaters after the game & that their win was disgraceful. I want to know what people want. It was a handball, it saved Uruguay's behind, and Suarez was red carded and sent out of the game & will be out in the subsequent game against Nederland. What more do you want? The entire team is disgraceful? Really? Did you want FIFA to disqualify them for Suarez's handball? It's never happened & it never will.

Everything that happened was well within the rules of the game. Player commits an obvious & deliberate penalty to help the team (and remember, many penalties that are committed such as tackling are deliberate and with their own team in mind), & he was punished as is part of the game. Additionally, with such a penalty, Ghana was awarded a PK. They didn't get a goal. End of story.

But that's not satisfying for people, because they want to say 'Yes but if not for that handball, Ghana would have won.' The handball happened, you can't erase it but you can penalize it. Again, that's exactly what happened.

On a positive note, ESPN recently showed a special interviewing people who scored goals in the World Cup finals of the past. It's interesting to see both the footage and hear them talk about how they felt or how they communicated with other players before & after the match. Seeing Brasil win in Mexico was the greatest clip though.

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