03 octubre 2010

Latin American countries I'd like to visit

Am I supposed to name only one?

The first is Colombia which for me is the most obvious. I've visited this various times in the past and would like to continue to do so because my family is there. We have only stayed within the capital but recently my aunt Clara purchased a house in Cartagena on the beach & I have always heard that it was a beautiful city.

I'd also like to visit Mexico. This seems ridiculous to say that I'd love to go to Mexico because it is a country that is so within reach because I live in Southern California, but a surprising amount of people here have never been to Mexico. I went once to Cancun which I swear is filled with more American tourists than with Mexican citizens. Currently one of my close friends from DF has been living back in the city & I'd love to go visit her.

I'd love to go to the Caribbean as well. The easiest place, I suppose, would be Puerto Rico because it does not require a passport from the US & I have friends from there & living there as well.

Honestly, I could go through every country in Latin America and think about something I would want to see or someone I would want to visit from that country!

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