25 octubre 2010

What Latina blogger I recommend

It seems that whenever I set a task for myself and vocalize it to anyone - and it is a non-academic task - it is always the first at which I fail. I will excuse myself though and say that for this Latina, every month is Latin@ Heritage month. Why shouldn't we celebrate our families and heritage on a regular basis? This is true for anyone!All right, maybe it is not a convincing excuse, but here I am continuing with the themed posts. Today is about the Latina blogger I recommend and I can never settle on just one.

The first is probably the most popular: http://www.speakhispanic.com/

Elianne Ramos's blog covers Latin@s in the media, in politics, in business, which I understand are all tied to one another. Thus far she's provided some of the most and best coverage with regard to that angle, and she tends to be very up-to-date/timely, which if you know anything about journalism (or can guess) is incredibly important. The truth is, her blog contains a lot of information that is otherwise ignored by popular media/larger blogs and it's important that we support those sources that provide us with information about our communities that may otherwise be ignored.

Another blogger with a much different themed blog is http://gabrielaskitchen.com/

As the name suggest, the blog is cooking-centered. Gabriela's recipes are mostly related to Mexican cuisine, but her knowledge of cooking is by no means limited to this cuisine. What's great about her site is that she also covers drinks along with main courses, and for those of us who avoid red meat or pork, she provides vegetarian recipes as well. Add all this to amazing food photography - I can't stress enough how great a cooking blog she has & how you will undoubtedly feel hungry the minute you surf through her site. If you are trying to learn how to cook, check this blog out, make some of the recipes, and impress your friends with your sudden talent.

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